I. Sasaki Kichisaburo Judo Cup
Day of Culture, Friendship and Sports
Sportkastély Sportcsarnok, Kisfaludy u 33/c, Budapest XVIII, Hungary
November 2, 2007

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Budapest, Hungary, July 23, 2007.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Hungarian Judo Sport is 100 years old! On this occasion, it is our pleasure to invite you to an exciting, high level show, a memorable and pleasant, unique event.
The Hungarian Judo Sport was founded in 1907 by Sasaki Kichisaburo, a well known educationalist and a high level Judo master, who was selected for this task by Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. To honor and commemorate the centennary of these events, we have decided to organize the 1st Sasaki Kichisaburo Judo Cup and the Day of Culture, Friendship and Sports on November 2, 2007 in Budapest, Hungary.

The chair and the organizer of these events is András Ozsvár, a judo master coach, and a former olympic bronze medalist judo champion. The honorary chair and the main supporter of the Cup is the grandson of master Sasaki: Shoji Nagamiya, who is a professor of physics, and one of the leading particle and nuclear physicists in Japan. He is the director of the J-PARC project, the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex in Tokai, Tsukuba-shi, Japan.

We have invited a team of Japanese Judo players, to be selected by the All Japan Judo Federation, to participate in a friendly team competition with Hungarian Judo players, in the Sportkastély Sportcsarnok, Kisfaludy utca 33/c, Pestszentimre, Budapest XVIII, Hungary, on November 2, 2007. The last time, when a similar team meeting between the Hungarian and the Japanese Judo contestants took place, occurred 32 years ago.

Herewith we invite the supporters of the Japanese Judo team: those Japanese citizens who live and/or work in Hungary. We have reserved a specially selected place for them, next to the tatami, in the VIP sector, with full service. Upon their request, Radio Taxi will provide them transportation to the „Sportkastély Sportcsarnok” and back.

Our programme will start at 15:00 with demonstration of martial arts and sports of Japanese as well as some of Hungarian origin. Our patrons will greet the contestants and our guests at 17:00. This will be followed by the contest of the Japanese and Hungarian Judo players. Between the games, a variety of cultural and entertainment programmes will be shown on the stage behind the tatami. The banquett will start at 20:00, our VIP guests are kindly invited to participate in this programme too. They can share the happiness of the winners and also may learn how the Hungarian Judo team is preparing for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Our VIP guests will also receive special presents including specially labeled selected Hungarian wines and a DVD with the summary of the first 100 years of the Hungarian Judo sport.

More information and updates can be found on Internet at the web-page, which also allows for ticket reservations.

We are looking forward to hosting this memorable event and to welcome you at the 1st Sasaki Kichisaburo Judo Cup. Let us celebrate together the first 100 years of Judo in Hungary, and let us cheer for our teams on November 2, 2007!

András Ozsvár judo master coach
Chair, Organizing Committee

The main sponsors of Sasaki Kichisaburo Cup are:
The Sasaki and the Nagamiya families (Japan)

The main patron of the Sasaki Cup is:
Dr. Demszky Gábor, Major of Budapest
Patrons of the Sasaki Cup are:
Elbert, Gábor Under-Secretary of State, responsible for Sport
Dr. Magyar Bálint, Under-Secretary of State, former Minister

Our supporters include: Magyar – Japán Baráti Társaság, Jetro, Nihon Jin Kay, Japan Coop Kft, Magyar Nemzeti Sport Hivatal, Magyar Judo Szövetség, Magyar Judo Liga, Őrmester Vagyonvédelmi Kft, Chio Kft, BIT Kft, Rádió Taxi, Pécsi Sörgyár Rt, Nagy Pál Pincészet, Enersys Hungária Kft, Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár (MEK)
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