In 2005, I met Mr. Shoji Nagamiya, grandson Judo master Mr. Kichisaburo Sasaki, who established Judo in Hungary in 1906 - 1907. Mr. Nagamiya is a professor of physics, he is the director of the J-PARC project (,
the Japan Proton Accelerator Complex, one of the most modern particle accelerators on Earth.
Physicist Tamás Csörgő, judo master coach András
Ozsvár with grandson of Mr. Kichisaburo Sasaki,
physicist Shoji Nagamiya.

During our meeting, we discussed the activity of Mr. Sasaki in Hungary and in Germany. I have learned, that Mr. Sasaki had been selected by the founding master of Judo, Mr. Jigoro Kano, to establish Judo in Hungary. This mission was based on the invitation by Mr. Miklos Szemere, a Hungarian diplomat and MP. After his arrival to Hungary, Mr. Sasaki started a Judo class for beginners and in order to faster the development of his disciplines, he composed a book on Djudo in 1907.
His book, translated to Hungarian by Dr. Zoltán Speidl, was the first non-Japanese judo book written by a Japanese Judo master.

Mr. Nagamiya arrived to Hungary for the Quark Matter 2005 ( physics conference. He asked one of the organizers, co-chair T. Csorgo, to help him in locating the above mentioned, remarkable book of his grandfather, published in Hungary in 1907.
zimanyi_hp_300.jpg moldovan_300.jpg
József Zimányi, physicist, member of Hungarian
Academy of Scientists, and his wife, Magdolna
Zimányi, computer scientist.
Istvan Moldován, department head, Hungarian
National Szechenyi Library

Fortunately, the honorary chair of Quark Matter 2005 conference, academician József Zimányi, and his wife, computer scientist Magdolna Zimányi, were acquainted with Mr. István Moldován, department head of the Hungarian National Széchenyi Library. Mr. Moldován knew the book of Master Sasaki and by the time Mr Nagamiya visited this library in the company of the Zimányis, the book had already been placed on the table ...
Ozsvar_Nagamiya.jpg DJudo könyv.jpg
Andárs Ozsvár judo master coach, with
physicist Shoji Nagamiya
(grandson of master Sasaki).

After these events, the book was reborn. Due to the kind actions of István Moldován and Magdolna Zimányi, and the staff of Hungarian Electronic Library, this book was made online available for all, at the following link:

It is a curiosity, that Mr. Nagamiya arranged a re-print issue of the book in Japan in 2005, in Hungarian (!!) language, with an Epilogue in Japanese and English languages. These included the travel report of Mr. Nagamiya on his trip to Hungary and the story of the discovery of his grandfather's book. This travel report can be downloaded in Japanese ( here downloadable) in English ( ).
A Hungarian, proof-read translation was published in the December 2005 issue of the Hungarian BUDO Magazin, under the title: Grandson of Sasaki Kichisaburo in Hungary: ( here downloadable )

In 2007, the book of Master Kichisaburo Sasaki is 100 years old, and this book has been almost resurrected. We plan to organize a prestigious event, to celebrate this centennary. Keeping in mind that November 3 is Culture Day, which has been a national holiday in Japan since the Meiji Period -
originally celebrated as The Emperor's Birthday - we will host a delegation of Japanese Judo players selected by the All Japan Judo Association on November 2 in Budapest, Hungary. This event will take place in the afternoon of Friday, November 2, as part of a culture show.

Following these preliminaries, I dedicated my efforts to organize the 1st Sasaki Kichisaburo Judo Cup in Hungary. An Organizing Committee has been set up, and I have invited Hungarian, Japanese and German Judo personalities, to help the organization of this meeting. The Hungarian Judo Association ( accepted my suggestion to recognize the 1st Sasaki Judo Cup as one of its official programmes in 2007, as the event of celebrating the centennial of Hungarian Judo.

I have invited professor Shoji Nagamiya to act as the honorary chair of this event. He accepted this invitation, and from the donations of the Sasaki and Nagamiya families, he provided essential support to organize this event.

I have invited Dr. Gábor Demszky, the major of Budapest, to act as a main patron of this event. Gábor Elbert, minister responsible for sports and Dr. Bálint Magyar, under-secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, former minister for Education, together with representatives of the Ministry for Education and Culture, were invited to act as patrons of this meeting. They all have accepted the invitation.

May this team meeting will be the first in a series of Sasaki Cups. The future plans will be discussed at the Budapest meeting. My personal hope is, that perhaps in 2008 the second Sasaki Cup can be organized in Japan and in 2009, the subsequent Sasaki Cup perhaps can be organized in Germany.

Budapest, Hungary, May 2, 2007.

András Ozsvár
judo master coach
Chair, Organizing Committee
Organizing Committee: 1037 Budapest, Farkastorki út 21. Tel/fax: +36-1-2504591
Cell phone: +36-30-2098182, Ozsvár András
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