Master Sasaki
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Kichisaburo Sasaki, professor at Teacher's College of Tokyo University, an excellent educationalist and at the same time an outstanding disciple, rewarded with a Master of Judo diploma by Kano, has been selected - practically by the trust of the Japanese public - to introduce the teachings of Judo to Hungary. Mr Kichisaburo Sasaki arrived to Budapest from Japan in the spring of 1906 and, on the sportsground of the Budapest University Athletes Club (BEAC), he introduced the secrets of Judo to the Hungarian youth.

Empowered with noble patience, unbreakable ardor and amiable manners, he was successfull in establishing the basics of judo in Hungary, despite the difficult circumstances and relatively short time available. In order to allow his Hungarian disciples to further develop their judo skills, based on these foundations, even after his departure, and to make judo more popular in Hungary - following the initiative of Mr. M. Szemere -, he composed this book, where his mastery of the art of Judo, the perfected, noble and modern form of Jiu-Jitsu, is so clearly demonstrated.

His work, "Djudo", - with my role as that of a modest translator - does not deal with jiu-jitsu, but only with its noble, perfected, almost sport-like form, called ju-do. He does not waste space on various show elements and tricks, but presents ju-do in a very well organized, clear structure and places the main emphasis on the explanation of essential elements of judo, and on enlightening, from all sides, the practice and the grip of judo using desciptions and photographs.

I am confident, that it will be beneficiary for the Hungarian nation, if Judo, this interesting and exotic offspring of Japanese culture get acclimatized under the Hungarian sky.

Budapest, fall of 1907

Dr. Zoltán Speidl
(translator of K. Sasaki's book entitled Djudo: the perfected method of Japanese Jiu-jitsu).
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